Showing dust on various extractor covers
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Who are we 

Our Fan Sheriff team is made up of qualified maintenance handymen with over 15 years experience in Property Maintainance Services across London & Surrey. We can also undertake handyman jobs covering all trades. Quotation on request or if it's a small job just sort out an arrangement with our tradesperson.


Why book a Fan Sheriff Appointment

At least 80% of the properties maintained by Fan Sheriff have fans in bathrooms, toilets and kitchen vents. They generally have significant build up of dust and  dirt etc potentially harbouring harmful bacteria. 


Turning your bathroom light on activates the fan. What can't be seen is all the dust and micro particles, normally such as skin cells, shed whilst washing, showering or exfoliating and combing our hair. Even coughing and sneezing leaves particles lingering in the room. Having a clogged up extractor fan with dust and dirt will only cause these micro cells to be present up to 48 hours.


Have you ever wondered why we start sneezing or coughing when we go into the toilet or bathroom? Poorly ventilated areas or rooms without windows means your extractor fan is 5 times more likely to be inefficient or ineffective mainly due to dust build up affecting the running of the fan motor. 


Scientific advice 

With the recent pandemic and the continued threat of Covid 19 Professor Jarek Kurnitski (Estonian Research Council) also reinforces the importance of keeping extractor fans well maintained at this time.



Please rememember when we visit your property all our team will be wearing PPE

this includes disposable gloves and disposable shoe coverings. Whatever we use will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes. 


Opening your door to Fan Sheriff is safe as we keep to government advise during C19



Until the government advises business further Fan Sheriff will continue to keep the 2m social distance at customers properties. 

Typical non motor vent outlet found in modern construction, motors often found in airing cupboard or loft space. Servicing these types of units can be time consuming.
A dirty fan can be harbouring harmful bacteria
Typical bathroom extractor fan we clean & maintain
Typical extractor fan motor and wiring. Brown and red wire are connected to bathroom light.

Pictures above are actual before and after kitchen fan photos from a job serviced by Fan Sheriff. Typically the average property may have up to 4 extractor fans and can be located in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens. A well maintained fan will reduce noise, pollution, increase air quality within that room.


Fan Sheriff Prices are as follows:

  • £9.99 basic clean per fan (may require electrical)
  • £19.99 deep clean per fan (requires electrical work)
  • £45.99 supply and fit standard bathroom extractor fan. (requires electrical work)
  • £42.00 Per Hour Handyman (day/evening rate)
Simple clean takes up to 30 mins, Deep clean takes up to 1 hour, Fan Replacement takes up to 1 hour. 


Booking and Payment
Simply call 07885524920 to arrange a convenient time. Fan Sheriff usually operate in specified areas :  Dorking, Coulsdon, Sutton, Banstead, Redhill, Purley, Croydon . Call and see when we are in your area. Payment is by debit / credit card, bank transfer and cash.
Please note, minor amount of electrical work is Usually required involving access to your fuse board to temporarily switch off lights. 
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